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Harvard Forest Symposium Abstract 2019

  • Title: Diversity & Inclusion at Harvard Forest
  • Primary Author: Clarisse Hart (Harvard Forest)
  • Additional Authors: Ann Lewis (Harvard Forest); Meghan MacLean (Harvard Forest)
  • Abstract:

    The Harvard Forest Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, formed in summer 2018, meets biweekly to create strategic recommendations and advance action items that foster a culture of diversity and inclusion for Harvard Forest staff, students, and visitors. The committee’s work in 2018-2019 relied on regular input from the entire HF staff, and included the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion statement (listed below), updated web resources for visitors and new staff, resources and recommendations for hiring and recruiting new staff and students, a prioritized workplan for enhancing building accessibility and inclusive signage, and more. The Working Group welcomes input and ideas from all members of the Harvard Forest community, including the wider HFR LTER community. Working Group projects and recommendations are advanced as part of Harvard Forest’s broader strategic leadership goals and often seed action for diversity and inclusion within the broader LTER Network.

    Harvard Forest Diversity & Inclusion Statement: Harvard Forest is committed to establishing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community that collectively supports and implements our mission: the investigation, understanding, and communication of the ways in which physical, biological, and human systems interact to change our Earth. All should feel that they are critical members of the Harvard Forest community—whatever their identities—while working, studying, visiting, or living here. We will welcome, recruit, develop, and advance talented staff, students, and visitors from diverse backgrounds, and strive to ensure that all are included in our mission.

  • Research Category: Group Projects