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Harvard Forest Symposium Abstract 2019

  • Title: Harvard Forest’s first Data Nugget: An activity that brings our eddy covariance record to high school classrooms
  • Primary Author: Fiona Jevon (Dartmouth College)
  • Abstract:

    The Harvard Forest eddy covariance tower has the world’s longest continuous record of net ecosystem CO2 exchange. We have created a Data Nugget activity that utilizes these data to teach about the forest carbon cycle, ecological research, and the scientific process at the high school level. The completion of this activity was an iterative process that involved scientists, education professionals, and teachers from several grade levels. Working with feedback across these groups presented some challenges, but dramatically improved the accessibility of the activity. We hope to share the activity as well as lessons we have learned about how to approach putting together Data Nuggets and other outreach materials for K-12 classrooms.

  • Research Category: Forest-Atmosphere Exchange