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Harvard Forest Symposium Abstract 2017

  • Title: Synthesis of hemlock forest measurement activity to guide future research opportunities
  • Primary Author: David Orwig (Harvard Forest)
  • Additional Authors: Audrey Barker Plotkin (Harvard Forest)
  • Abstract:

    Over the past quarter-century there has been increasing research activity at the Harvard Forest centered on the various forest and ecosystem responses of hemlock to the introduced insect pest the hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA; Adelges tsugae). We recently formed a hemlock working group (Table 1) in an effort to 1) help coordinate efforts among researchers working in the Harvard Forest core hemlock forest on or near the Prospect Hill Tract, 2) plan research manuscripts, and 3) make researchers aware of the many hemlock-related activities at HF. We hope to use this group, the annual symposium, and LTER planning efforts to identify any missing gaps in data collection/measurements that should definitely be implemented in the near future and connect with other HF-affiliated researchers who could fill critical knowledge gaps. Moving forward, the activities of this working group will help shape new research content of LTER VI. This is a great moment to bring together long-term data sets in the Prospect Hill hemlock forest, and examine which are changing in response to adelgid infestation versus which attributes/processes are as-yet unaffected.

  • Research Category: Large Experiments and Permanent Plot Studies, Invasive Plants, Pests & Pathogens

  • Figures:
  • Hem measurements table final.docx