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Harvard Forest Symposium Abstract 2010

  • Title: Quantifying species coexistence based on binary data
  • Primary Author: Xiaojun Du (Institute of Botany, CAS, and Harvard University)
  • Abstract:

    Species coexistence is an important concept in the field of ecology. Many ecological theories or hypotheses are related with species coexistence. But few cases could quantify the concept of species coexistence. Here a suite of quantitative indexes were introduced to quantify species coexistence based on binary data, e.g., coexistence abundance, coexistence density, coexistence degree, and coexistence spatial pattern. Sample size or spatial scale dependent species coexistence, other potential coexistence indexes, and the potential applications of the proposed approach or indexes to quantify species coexistence were discussed. Some examples of species coexistence were showed how to quantify the characteristics of species coexistence. Quantified species coexistence characteristics will contribute to better understanding species coexistence and community assembly.

  • Research Category: Biodiversity Studies