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Harvard Forest REU Symposium Abstract 2017

  • Title: Evapotranspiration Observational Methods: A Comparative Analysis
  • Author: corey k carter (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
  • Abstract:

    Corey Carter Computer Science - junior University of Minnesota: Twin Cities Mentors: Xingjian Chen & Paul Siqueira Forest stand dynamics measured by an above-canopy automated robotic system Evapotranspiration Observational Methods: A Comparative Analysis The evapotranspiration moves water through soil, plants/animals and the atmosphere as it passes minerals and nutrients through a forest in its liquid, solid and gaseous forms. Our project involves using low-cost temperate probes to monitor sap flow movement in trees as a controlled comparison to Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR), which observes changes in the ambient magnetic field generated by sap/water movement. If successful SAR can replace conventional forms of tree-based sap flow monitoring and will be able to monitor larger areas. We will expand the number of probes deployed compared to last year’s two, and build a more robust program to support these operations. Our sap flow sensor will be integrated into the Tram-Sites main tower at Prospect Hill and will allow for easy access to its power and Internet. The new software will allow the user to easily add more probes, edit list containing probes, generate data frames, plot data, back up data frames and export data to excel spreadsheets. This program allows for greater flexible, reproducibility, reliability and easier sharing of information with other communities. The software is holding up and is withstanding the rigors of field conditions and collection. Further use will highlight any minor flaws but no major flaws have been detected yet. More probes, improved hardware and robust software packages will lead to more data correlation and allows scientist to make conclusions on the viability of SAR compared to traditional sap probe methods.

  • Research Category: Forest-Atmosphere Exchange

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