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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Characterizing geodiversity in the Harvard ForestGEO plot
  • Principal investigator: Jackie Matthes (
  • Institution: Harvard Forest
  • Primary contact: Jackie Matthes (
  • Team members: Fiona Jevon; Sydne Record; Justin Richardson
  • Abstract:

    We have measured seedling species composition and survival in the Harvard ForestGEO plot annually since 2017. Individual seedlings are tagged and tracked for survival in each annual census. This network of seedling plots crosses the ForestGEO plot, which allows for landscape-scale comparisons to the mature tree community. In this new work, we plan to characterize the soil pH, texture, and carbon, nitrogen, and meso-/micronutrient content. Characterizing the soil composition will provide valuable information to understanding both the dynamics of seedlings and mature trees across the broad scale.