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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Ground-Based Lidar Datasets of Forest Canopies and Biomass
  • Principal investigator: Crystal Schaaf (
  • Institution: University of Massachusetts - Boston
  • Primary contact: Crystal Schaaf (
  • Team members: Angela Erb; Charlotte Levy; Ian Paynter; Francesco Peri; Alan Strahler
  • Abstract:

    Terrestrial LiDAR instruments are increasingly being used to survey canopy and sub-canopy forest structure. The acquired information is being used to characterize forest ecosystems in terms of their role in biogeochemical cycling, surface energy budgets, and biodiversity. Terrestrial Lidar data, which include higher resolution vegetation structure, understory information, and surface features obscured by forest canopy, are also being used to enhance and validate satellite and airborne forest characterizations. Using the ultra portable Canopy Biomass Lidar (CBL), the new small Leica BLK 360 lidar, and the new RieglVZ400i (as well as historical data that had been collected from the Dual Wavelength Echidna Lidar (DWEL)) we can produce estimates and reconstructions of forest structure.