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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Prospect Hill Hydrology
  • Principal investigator: Emery Boose (
  • Institution: Harvard Forest
  • Primary contact: Emery Boose (
  • Team members: Betsy Colburn; David Orwig; Mark VanScoy
  • Abstract:

    To better understand the critical role of headwater streams and wetlands in our forest ecosystem, long-term measurements were initiated in 2005 on two small watersheds in the Prospect Hill Tract. On Nelson Brook, weirs were installed on outlet streams of the 11-ha Black Gum Swamp (watershed area = 44 ha). On Arthur (Bigelow) Brook, pipes were installed to measure flow above (watershed = 24 ha) and below (watershed = 65 ha) the 3-ha Beaver Swamp. In December 2007 the four stream gages were instrumented for continuous measurement of water level (stream discharge) and water temperature. In October 2008 comparable gages were installed in the two large wetlands (Black Gum Swamp and Beaver Swamp). All six gages were added to the HF field wireless network in fall 2014. Data are collected every 15 minutes and posted (with graphs of selected variables) on the HF website. Long-term data are stored in the HF Data Archive as dataset HF070.