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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Fisher Meteorological Station
  • Principal investigator: Emery Boose (
  • Institution: Harvard Forest
  • Primary contact: Emery Boose (
  • Team members: Mark VanScoy
  • Abstract:

    The Fisher Meteorological Station provides continuous, long-term meteorological data for Harvard Forest. The Station is located in an open field 200 m north of Shaler Hall in a site chosen to minimize the angle of surrounding trees above the horizon. The Fisher Station records air temperature, relative humidity, dew point, precipitation (water equivalent of snow), global solar radiation, PAR radiation, net radiation, barometric pressure, scalar wind speed, vector wind speed, peak gust speed (1-second), vector wind direction, standard deviation of wind direction (wind measurements at 10 m height), and soil temperature (10 cm depth). Data for the current month are available online, updated every 15 minutes, with out-of-range values flagged. Earlier data are checked and posted monthly (with missing, questionable, or estimated values flagged) along with a log of events affecting station measurements and selected monthly and annual values (HF001). Graphs of selected variables over the last 30 days are also posted in near real time and updated every 15 minutes.

    The met station was added to the field wireless network in 2010. The enclosure was enlarged in 2015 to provide space for additional projects.