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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Comparison of Northeast Asia and Northeastern North America Congeneric Trees and Forests
  • Principal investigator: Neil Pederson (
  • Institution: Harvard Forest
  • Primary contact: Neil Pederson (
  • Team members: Jan Altman; Zhenju Chen; Donald Davis; Ruben Delgado; Yuan Jiang; Wenqing Li; Tessa Mandra; Dario Martin Benito; Xiaochun Wang; Junzhou Zhang; Yiping Zhang; Shoudong Zhao
  • Abstract:

    Northeast Asia and Northeastern North America share many trees that belong to the same genus and have comparable forest types and structures. However, when comparing the climate between northeastern China and the northeastern US, where most of our project is being conducted, it is much cooler in China and most precipitation there falls during the middle of the growing season while in the northeastern US, precipitation is generally evenly distributed throughout the year. Additionally, Northeast Asia still has a top predator, the Siberian tiger, which ought to have a significant influence on grazing populations in that region. In contrast, the population of deer, the primary forest grazers in northeastern North America, is exploding, setting up significant contrasts between the two regions on how climate and animal populations impact forests. Beginning now and continuing as long as possible, a series of studies will be made comparing and contrasting congeneric tree species and forest dynamics between these two regions.