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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Soil carbon stocks at Harvard Farm
  • Principal investigator: Serita Frey (
  • Institution: University of New Hampshire - Main Campus
  • Primary contact: Serita Frey (
  • Team members: Melissa Knorr
  • Abstract:

    This project provides data on soil carbon (C) stocks for the Harvard Farm. Soil sampling microplots (2 x 5 m) were established in summer 2015 in three treatments (hay, rotational grazing, intensively grazed). The microplots are collocated with three of the already existing vegetation sampling plots per grazing treatment. The microplots are designed to optimize our ability to detect changes in soil C stocks over time. They are marked in such a way as to be relocatable. Baseline soil samples were collected from the microplots in summer 2015 and analyzed for bulk density and soil C and N.