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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Future scenarios
  • Principal investigator: Jonathan Thompson (
  • Institution: Harvard Forest
  • Primary contact: Lucy Lee (
  • Team members: Meghan Blumstein; Matthew Duveneck; Kathy Fallon Lambert; David Foster; Marissa McBride; Spencer Meyer; Sarah Moore; Luca Morreale; Valerie Pasquarella; Jonathan Thompson
  • Abstract:

    The Future Scenarios project seeks to evaluate and interpret how global, national and regional drivers of environmental and land-use change may affect key ecological factors (structure, function, pattern) and critical ecosystem services (carbon, water, habitat, forest products) of New England forests over the next 50 years. Using models to link a range of scenarios describing plausible future conditions with external socio-ecological and environmental drivers, and endogenous constraints, we will evaluate the consequences of the interactive effects of multiple stressors on forest dynamics and ecosystem processes in terms of their effect on ecosystem services. This research in New England is part of a larger effort, led by Harvard Forest, to incorporate land-use scenarios into regional-scale research.