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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Forests after Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication: Current and Predicted Composition and Structure with Varying Climate Scenarios
  • Principal investigator: Anthony D'Amato (
  • Institution: University of Vermont (UVM)
  • Primary contact: Anthony D'Amato (
  • Team members: Olivia Box; David Orwig
  • Abstract:

    This project builds upon previous Harvard Forest investigations into the impacts of Asian longhorned beetle on forests in north-central Massachusetts through remeasurement of long-term plots established in 2008 to examine impacts of ALB and associated eradication strategies in the Worcester area. We have also expanded the study to include areas of Ohio impacted by ALB. Specific project objectives are to 1) describe impacts of various ALB eradication treatments on forest conditions eight years following treatment; (2) Investigate the presence and dominance of invasive plant species in these stands; and (3) Model future forest conditions given present understory composition under various climate scenarios.