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Harvard Forest Research Project 2022

  • Title: Climate-adapted red spruce planting
  • Principal investigator: Anthony D'Amato (
  • Institution: University of Vermont (UVM)
  • Primary contact: Anthony D'Amato (
  • Team members: David Saville
  • Abstract:

    This work is examining the suitability of regional red spruce seed sources for restoring this species to montane and lowland environments in northern New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. Seed sources are being selected from seed zones projected to be suitable for these regions under future climate change, with locations, such as north-central MA being critical locations for sourcing seed. This includes the Black Gum Swamp Trail at the Harvard Forest, which is projected to contain red spruce with climate profiles suitable for portions of northern VT and NH under projected climate change. Seedlings developed from cone collections will be planted at several adaptive silvicultural studies in northern VT and NH.