Harvard Forest User Fee Schedule - Research

  Office Space and Computer Rentals

Office Space with Internet Access$300/per month$300/per month
Desktop Computer Rental$80/per month$80/per month
Field Laptop Computer Rental$125/per month (pro rate $50 min)$125/per month (pro rate $50 min)
Computer Lab General Access$30/per person per month$30/per person per month

  Lab and Research Space Charges

Contact: Manisha Patel, manishapatel@fas.harvard.edu

Sugar Shack$275/per month$300/per month
Lab Use Fees$275/per person per month$300/per person per month
Dedicated Lab Bench Space$80/per 2 linear feet per month$85/per 2 linear feet per month
Torrey Greenhouse$275/per bench per month$300/per bench per month
Shaler Greenhouse$175/per bench per month$200/per bench per month
Shade Houses$90/per house per month$90/per house per month
Research Garden Plot 10x10$12/per plot per month$12/per plot per month

  Housing - short-term

Overnight Housing $70/per person per night$75/per person per night

  Housing - long term

Shared Housing Field Season (Apr-Sep)$675/per person per month$700/per person per month
Shared Housing Off Season (Oct-Mar)$510/per person per month$550/per person per month
Shared Housing (Year Round)$510/per person per month$550/per person per month

  HF Summer REU program costs

Summer REU Room$155/per person per week$155/per person per week
Summer REU Board$202.50/per person per week$205/per person per week


Lost key replacement fee$20/$20/
Photocopies$0.25/per copy$0.25/per copy
Fax$1/per page$1/per page
Fax - International$1.50/per page$1.50/per page
Poster Printing - up to 8' Long (42" wide)$35/poster$35/poster
Research Storage$1.50/per sf per month (varies with location)$1.50/per sf per month (varies with location)

  Vehicles and Equipment

Vehicle Use (including gas) Daily$135/per day$140/per day
Vehicle Use (including gas) Weekly$540/per week$560/per week
Vehicle Use (including gas) Monthly$2160/per month$2240/per month
Staff Time$80/per hour (1 hr min)$82.50/per hour (1 hr min)
72 ft Boom Lift / Daily Safety Check$80/per hour (1 hr min)$82.50/per hour (1 hr min)
72 ft Boom Lift / Local Delivery$80/per hour (1 hr min)$82.50/per hour (1 hr min)
72 ft Boom Lift / Training$200/per person per year$206.25/per person per year
Heavy Equipment (Tractor, Backhoe, Skidder)$275/per day (plus operator)$300/per day (plus operator)