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Harvard Forest Symposium Abstract 2015

  • Title: Construction of an Aerial Tram for Forest Re-growth Monitoring
  • Primary Author: Paul Siqueira (University of Massachusetts - Amherst )
  • Abstract:

    The Aerial Tram is an automation system for taking measurements to qualify the regrowth of the Harvard Forest. It is designed to be suspended above the canopy of clear-cut field and collect data such as short and long wave radiation intensity, canopy height, temperature and visual pictures. The tram is also designed to run off of solar power and to travel between two towers fifty meters apart, collecting measurements nominally once every meter. The tram should be able to generate repeated measurements throughout the day and over multiple seasons, facilitating cross-seasonal and multiannual comparisons. Communications between the tram and a central data repository take place via a wireless connection, and are available in near real-time. Data obtained from this system can used to monitor the carbon budget at a local scale and inform resource management and carbon sequestration practices.

  • Research Category: Group Projects

  • Figures:
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