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Harvard Forest Symposium Abstract 2015

  • Title: National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc. Data Portal
  • Primary Author: Jacquline Amante (National Ecological Observatory Network)
  • Additional Authors: Carol Goranson (NEON, Inc.)
  • Abstract:

    In order to address the most pressing and complex ecological questions, a continental scale ecological/environmental monitoring data set will be collected for the next 30 years across 20 ecoclimatic zones in the U.S. as outlined by the National Ecological Observatory Network’s (NEON) mission. The data collected will be freely available for research and educational initiatives via the NEON Data Portal. Data are organized into five themes: atmosphere (1), biogeochemistry (2), ecohydrology (3), land use, land cover and land processes (4), and organisms, populations and communities (5) and combine ground based measurements, remote sensing measurements and the use of existing satellite data. A limited number of data products and specimens are currently available on the data portal or via request. Additional data products will be available during the summer of 2015 and all data products will be available when NEON is fully operational in 2017. This poster addresses what data are currently available, how to access the data and what data will be available in the future.

  • Research Category: Biodiversity Studies; Ecological Informatics and Modelling; Forest-Atmosphere Exchange; Invasive Plants, Pests & Pathogens; Large Experiments and Permanent Plot Studies; Physiological Ecology, Population Dynamics, and Species Interactions; Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics; Watershed Ecology

  • Figures:
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